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High Resolution Transmission Scanning Electron Microscope Tecnai F20 G2

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The manufacturer is FEI Company.
Schottky Field emitter with high maximum beam current: >100 nA
Point resolution 0.24 nm
Line resolution 0.1 nm
Information limit 0.15 nm, attainable <0.13 nm
TEM magnification 25x -1030kx
S-TWIN objective lens Maximum eucentric tilt - 400
Selected area diffraction camera length 60-2400 mm
Maximum diffraction half-angle 130
Scanning Transmission Mode (STEM): * Bright Field and Annular Dark Field mode
* Ultra-high resolution STEM HAADF detector
STEM magnification 100x - 10000kx
HR STEM resolution 0.2 nm
Micro-analysis : * EDAX EDS detector with 133 eV spectral resolution
* Small probes (<0.3 nm)
Embedded Energy Filtered TEM (GATAN Imaging Filter 2001): * Embedded Parallel Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy and Energy Filter (GATAN Multiscan 794 Phosphorus CCD + 622 TV system)
* Embedded EDS and EELS spectrum profiling and imaging
Specimen stage: Fully computer-controlled, eucentric side entry, high stability CompuStage
Specimen holders: * CompuStage low-background double-tilt holder
* CompuStage rotation holder
* CompuStage single tilt specimen holder
Recording systems: * Embedded CCD camera (GATAN Multiscan 794 YAG CCD + 692 TV system)
* Plate camera with 56 sheets of film
Vacuum: Oil free vacuum system with turbo molecular pump, pre-pumping column, gun and specimen airlock, fully interlocked differentially pumped column

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