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High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope Sirion

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SEM - Specifications


Resolution: * 1.5 nm at > 10 kV
* 2.5 nm at 1 kV
Accelerating Voltage: 200 V to 30 kV
Filament High stable Schottky Field Emission Source
5-axis motorized eucentric stage: * x ,y = 50 mm
* Z = 25 mm (+25mm)
* Tilt -15 to +750 at 10 mm FWD
* rotation continuous
Detectors * Conventional SE
* Through-the-lens Detector with changeable bias from -250 to +250 V for detection of SE and BSE in UHR mode
* Solid State BSE with TV rate imaging and high sensitivity at low kV
* CCD camera for chamber observation
Operation modes:

* High Resolution Mode for general survey and low magnification viewing
* Ultra High Resolution Mode for high magnification and high resolution viewing
* EDX Mode for EDX microanalysis and magnetic samples observation

Vacuum system: Oil-free vacuum
Microanalysis: * X-MAX20 SDD Inca 450 EDS LN2 free detector (Oxford Instruments, UK) with spectral resolution of 129 eV
Cathodoluminescence spectroscopy set: * GATAN system MonoCl3 for high resolution imaging (pan- and monochromatic) and spectroscopy within extended spectral range (up to 1700 nm)
* GATAN helium cooled replacement SEM stage (temperature range 5 - 300 K), 3-axis (manual)
Electron beam induced current module: GATAN EBIC system for non-destructive failure analysis of fine-scale semiconductor electronic devices
Electron back scattered diffraction module: TSL-EDAX stand-along system for fast high resolution crystallographic acquisition of bulk samples

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