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High resolution scanning electron microscope (HR SEM) Sirion (FEI company) is a versatile tool for advanced studies in the areas of materials science, semi-conductor and the electronics industries and life-science. The microscope uses Shottky type Field Emission Source and allows wide range of accelerating voltages from 200 V to 30 kV. It is able to achieve resolutions of 1.5 nm at > 10 kV and 2.5 nm at 1 kV. The microscope has complete set of detectors providing imagining in secondary and back-scattered electrons including Through-the-Lens detector with variable bias for ultra high resolution observation. The system is optimised for operation at low kV, allowing un-coated and isolating materials to be examined with minimum charging. Sirion offers ultra-high spatial resolution both for structural research and high resolution analytical work (energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS), cathodoluminiscence (CL), electron back-scattered diffraction (EBSD) and electron beam induced current (EBIC)).

High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscope - Sirion

Examples of the different types of measurements and analysis that can be performed with this instrument are shown in the gallery below:

Foraminifera primary crystals strictures
Zoom series 2,500X; 25,000X; 100,000X; 250,000X and 1,000,000X
The spherical (about 5nm size) particles on the highest magnification image comprise the Au/Pd coating
(V. Gutkin, courtesy of Prof. J. Erez)

Pb Iodide polycrystals
(E. Blayvas, courtesy of Prof. M. Schieber)

Iron oxides crystals (non-coated)
(E. Blayvas, courtesy of Prof. A. Eyal)

Alumina coating deposited on glass substrate (images acquired from the sample without conductive coating)
Top view (upper) and cross - sectional view (lower)
(Dr. I. Popov, courtesy of Acktar Ltd.)

Mineralogical sample containing heavy element (Barium)
BSE images of non-coated sample mapping presence of heavy element
X-ray (EDS) spectrum confirming the presence of Ba
(Dr.I. Popov, courtesy Prof. A. Katz )

EBSD of deformed Molybdenum sample: Grain Maps with grain definition of 1 (a), 5 (b) and 10 (c) deg.


EBSD texture analysis for deformed Molybdenum sample: pole figures
(Dr. I.Popov)

Non-oxidized (Hg0) metallic mercury nanoparticles bound to thiolated gold surface
(V. Gutkin, courtesy of Prof. I. Willner group)

Oxidized (Hg+) metallic mercury nanoparticles bound to thiolated gold surface
(V. Gutkin, courtesy of Prof. I. Willner group)

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